Your Privacy

Your personal information and privacy is important to Team PHenomenal Hope. We will not intentionally share, sell, or trade your personal information with third parties for our own enrichment or material gain. This applies to all information received by Team PHenomenal Hope, online and offline, from any Platform (“Platform” includes the Team PHenomenal Hope website, Crowdrise website, and Google web forms), as well as any electronic, written, or oral communications.

We do not control the privacy policies of technology platforms we use, namely Crowdrise or Google. Please review those here: Crowdrise and Google.

We Do Share Some Information!

We will share your information publicly when you provide explicit or implied consent for us to share it. Explicit consent is your checking the “I Agree” check box of the Waiver area, found on many of our Google web forms. Implied consent is an understanding that when you share personal information with us through options other than a Google form (for example, via email or written or printed document) and it is a part of what can be reasonably understood to be material for us to share publicly on our website, then we may in fact share that material publicly.

To be clear: when you provide personal information to us via email, website, web form, Google web form, or written or printed document, then we may share that on our website as we have the opportunity and ability. All sharing is done for the purposes of furthering our nonprofit charity mission. But we will not expressly sell it to marketers or other third parties.

Remember – Your Information is Very Personal

Be advised that some information provided to us is deeply personal, including stories of your Pulmonary Hypertension journey; or information for online Team or Patient profiles such as hobbies and identifying photos; or a medical diagnosis, prescriptions, treatment histories and treatment locations, physician encounters, or other medical information; or past, present, or future geographic locations (for example, people will share an upcoming event they plan to attend, including date and place); or photo(s) showing persons, their friends, family, and meaningful and identifiable physical structures and buildings; or even stories of birth and death, including dates and locations. We do include this information, if provided, in the content we make public on our web platform.

Marketing Artifacts

We also declare our intention to use, in our marketing literature, photos, stories, or other identifying information that has been provided to us. We may use these for the purposes of enhancing our marketing and awareness campaigns and internal documents (such as annual reports); or as supportive content in interviews or conference sessions (paid and unpaid) or written articles or in any other opportunities we may have to discuss and promote our mission and programming, in print, on the web, or in internal and external emails.

Donor Privacy

We take donor privacy seriously. Recognizing the complexities of online data storage and security is one of the reasons we decided to no longer receive online donations ourselves, and instead make use of the Crowdrise donor platform.

As part of respecting your personal information and privacy, we will not sell or trade donor names or personal information. We will not send our donors mail or marketing emails on behalf of other organizations.

We do make public, on our website, a list of donations made via Crowdrise, and the donor names given to Crowdrise by the donor at the time of donation (including “Anonymous”). An example of the 2017 list is here:

To the extent any donations are processed through a third-party service provider, our donors’ information will only be used for purposes necessary to process the donation.