Carl Hicks’s Race Report

September 12,2017

Dear Friends,

I want to let you know that thanks to your magnificent support and kind generosity, that we made it to the finish line of the Columbia River Triathlon this past Sunday morning! Pictured above with me at the finish is Brooklyn Clasby, who I was honored to race with in Team PHenomenal Hope’s “Let Me Be Your Lungs Program”.

Brookie is a 10 year old idiopathic pulmonary hypertension patient. When she saw me coming in to the race finish she eagerly ran into the ‘chute and finished the last few feet of the grueling race with me! I had no choice but to give her my medal (after I got a great hug), to this little sweetheart who faces such a challenge every moment of her life to do what we all take for granted. Simply to take a breath.

I understand she couldn’t wait to get home to share her medal with all of her friends. Brookie and her family drove nearly 200 miles each way to cheer me on! As remarkable as that was, Ornah Levy and her husband Jonathan traveled all the way from Orange County to show their support. Bridie Halbach, also a patient, and her family hosted all at their home for a tasty lunch after the race.

They provided me with the strength to continue on to the finish.

Many of you asked me to dedicate the race to loved ones, both living and PH Angels. I did that by writing their names on a cloth that accompanied me on the entire race. Really hurting towards the end, I pulled it out while running and through tears looked at the names. THEY provided me with the strength to continue on to the finish. In effect, their names were “the wind beneath my wings” and you can see the cloth in my hand in the picture.

Thank each one of you who donated to this effort from the bottom of my heart. Know that whatever is was, it was so very appreciated and that it is going to a tremendous cause. I am deeply, deeply humbled to be able to serve this community. Thank you once again for your support that made it possible.

Carl Hicks


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