Let Me Be Your Lungs Spotlight: Elizabeth Scott

March 29,2024

Our friend Elizabeth joined our Let Me Be Your Lungs program back in 2016, and is still going strong with us today. We sat down with her to learn more about why she joined the team back then and her goals for the year ahead.

How did you get connected to Team PHenomenal Hope? Why did you decided to join the Let Me Be Your Lungs program?

In 2014 I taught myself to be a runner. I really enjoyed running races but I’m not as athletic as the days of my youth, so it felt like something was missing. In 2016 my aunt, Lynn Bastian, forwarded me a recruiting post on Instagram for Team PH’s LMBYL program. I immediately applied knowing that 2017 I was going to attempt my first marathon. I was also absolutely honored to be given the opportunity to be my aunt’s lungs. Being a part of this team really makes me feel like my effort matters. I’m proud to get out there and run my lungs out.

A few years ago when I learned of my friend Amanda’s father’s PH diagnosis, it hit so close to home. I asked Amanda if her father, Steve, would let me run for him, too. His whole family came out to see me run a virtual 5K for him (during the pandemic) right after his lung transplant. Everyone made signs and we celebrated for him. I hope my slo-poke running made him smile and feel seen with this rare disease. I will run as many marathons as it takes to find a cure so we don’t have to say goodbye to our PHer’s. Steve is always with me on my runs. 

We love that people get creative with their fundraising! Can you share more about how you came up with the idea to do the ice cream social fundraiser? 

I live in a small town and we have a cute little riverfront where we like to spend our summer days splashing and soaking up the sunshine. The most adorable ice cream shop called Foxy’s is right there, in all its teal and bubblegum pink glory. This place has the most delicious ice cream (with gluten and dairy free options). Of course I follow their social media–I mean at any time they could offer free ice cream and I need to know! 

They had a post saying they do fundraisers. I reached out and we set one up for the last day of school. I’m strategic like that! We had an amazing turn out. We made signs and I wore my race kit and marathon medal. We had to skip a year or so because of the pandemic, but I revived the fundraiser last spring and I’m hoping to do it again for 2024. What could be more fun than eating ice cream AND raising awareness for PH?

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? 

I’m now gluten free and limited dairy so I’m going to go with Foxy’s lemon raspberry Italian ice. It is refreshing after a long run. 

My kids and I all did the Foxy’s Ice Cream Advent Calendar this past Christmas. We all got to try all the flavors, so this question was hard!

What advice do you have for someone just getting started with their fundraising journey? 

Don’t be afraid to hear the word no. If you never ask, it’s automatically a NO. Tell your PHer’s story. I promise you their journey to diagnosis was not an easy one. Sharing their story could save or prolong someone else’s life!

What are you looking forward to this year being a part of LMBYL? 

Besides a Foxy’s Fundraiser?! Well I have the Green Bay Marathon in May and the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim this fall. I’ve been stoked for this TWO marathon year! However, I’ll let you in on a secret. I may have entered the lottery for the New York City Marathon on November 3. Stay tuned!

And wish me healthy, strong, injury free training!

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