November 10,2020

PHriends and Friends,

If you were at the PHA International Conference in 2018, you’ll remember our Peloton Challenge. We brought together doctors, nurses, industry partners and friends and PHriends to race to make a difference with Team PHenomenal Hope. They each raced for a person living with pulmonary hypertension through our Let Me Be Your Lungs program. See photos in our gallery below.

Well this SATURDAY, November 14th, we are bringing it back, 2020 style, live and via Zoom, and we need YOU to help cheer our athletes on! We have an all-star race roster, a live race announcer, and we will be racing at 3PM Eastern/Noon Pacific, LIVE via Zoom broadcast.

Our participants will be competing to produce the most overall output, or kilojueles, but have joined this competition to amplify PH Awareness Month’s purpose to raise funds and awareness for better targeted treatment, early diagnosis, and ultimately a cure for PH. You can help us spread the word by tuning in and inviting your networks to do the same!

Like other grand tours of cycling, this is the culmination of a three-part stage race. The athletes have already completed stages one and two, and this Saturday we will learn who wins not only that stage but the overall championships.

Please join us this Saturday, November 14 at 2 p.m. CST for an event you won’t want to miss! Use this Zoom link to tune in.

Race Roster:

Athlete Organization Sponsored By Racing For
Michelle Calderbank United Therapeutics United Therapeutics Alex Flipse
Danielle Cook-Schopf Accredo Mara Minkey
Mohammad Dalabih National Jewish Sarah Tobin
Gil Golden United Therapeutics United Therapeutics Alex Flipse
Amanda Gabarda UPMC Health Jan Janus
Anna Hemnes Vanderbilt University Med Center Bayer Ornah Levy
Ndali Ijomah Janssen Janssen Daniel Torres
Ken Keller Bayer Bayer Ornah Levy
Sandeep Sahay Houston Methodist Brenda Vang
Tracey Sacco Acceleron Acceleron Kirsten Braley
Bobby Schwarz Janssen Janssen Alison McCormac
Lisa Wyman Acceleron Acceleron Kirsten Braley

Results of each stage and the overall standings:

Stage 1 – Preliminary Stage
Amanda Gabarda – 20 kJ
Gil Golden – 20 kJ
Anna Hemnes -20 kJ
Ndali Ijomah – 20 kJ
Tracey Sacco – 20 kJ
Sandeep Sahay – 20 kJ
Bobby Schwarz – 20 kJ

Stage 2 – Practice Mountain Climb
Danielle Cook-Schopf – 181 kJ
Mohammad Dalabih – 235 kJ
Gil Golden – 232 kJ
Amanda Gabarda – 212 kJ
Anna Hemnes – 242 kJ
Ndali Ijomah – 240 kJ
Ken Keller – 166 kJ
Sandeep Sahay – 123 kJ
Tracey Sacco – 156 kJ
Bobby Schwarz – 281 kJ
Lisa Wyman – 172 kJ

Overall General Standings (sum of kJ from stages one and two):
Michelle Calderbank – 20 kJ
Danielle Cook-Schopf – 181 kJ
Mohammad Dalabih – 255 kJ
Gil Golden – 252 kJ
Amanda Gabarda – 232 kJ
Anna Hemnes – 262 kJ 2nd place
Ndali Ijomah – 260 kJ 3rd place
Ken Keller – 166 kJ
Sandeep Sahay – 143 kJ
Tracey Sacco – 176 kJ
Bobby Schwarz – 281 kJ 1st place
Lisa Wyman – 172 kJ

Tour of PHenomenal Hope Supported By:

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