2018 Recruitment: Join the team for 2018!

October 02,2017

That’s right. It’s our favorite time of year again- recruitment! As 2017 (already) starts to wind down, we are excited to get back at it for 2018.

In 2017 with 100 global team members, we raced across the United States, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Ireland, and Mexico and raised more than $45,000 to beat PH. Now we’re ready to hit it even harder in 2018, making it the best year yet for Team PHenomenal Hope.

We strive to continue to grow and reinforce this organization by offering an unforgettable and invaluable experience to those who support us. We are seeking to improve upon this in 2018 by growing our #LetMeBeYourLungs program, expanding our regional team captains initiative, improving our athlete resource center, and increasing consistent communication with our athletes, patients, and entire ph community.

As we kick off these next two months of recruitment, we want to express immense gratitude to our athletes who have stepped up, took on the challenge, and worked tirelessly to raise funds and awareness for this debilitating disease. Because of your dedication to this cause, our community of patients and caregivers are repleted with hope. We are honored to extend the invitation to you to race with us again in 2018.

For those who are new to the ph community, joining Team PHenomenal Hope is an impactful way to support those suffering from this disease, and help us work toward a cure. If you’re an endurance athlete, joining the team will immediately root you in our cause, and add purpose to your training and competition.

One of our endurance cyclists, Michael McWeeney, describes his experience racing for Team PHenomenal at the 2017 Rad Am Ring,

I’m not certain that it didn’t change me somehow forever. Being someone’s lungs who can’t do it does something to your brain, your processing, that makes you a better person. I went there to do the event with enthusiasm, I left feeling a part of a community that I never knew existed before.

Ready to get started or know someone who is? Go to https://teamphenomenalhope.org/contribute/join/ to learn more about our team requirement and to get started! Join the team today and experience what it means to race for someone else’s life.

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