Reflections from the Executive Director: Leslie Orlovsky

August 31,2023

It is with a full heart and a deep sense of gratitude that I share this message. Since joining the team as your Executive Director last September, I have been fortunate to meet with members of our team, individuals living with pulmonary hypertension, family members, caretakers, researchers, clinicians, other non-profit leaders who share common goals, and Team PH’s leadership, who generously and wholeheartedly support our mission.

Our primary stakeholders are people living with PH, and we share a renewed commitment to keeping our patients first.

During the past year, we have been able to increase our monthly financial assistance to adults and children living with this disease to help address the high costs of living with this illness. We have seen our virtual support group participation grow as we remain focused on providing topics that are of relevance. Team PH proudly introduced two pediatric PHun Days in New York and Colorado, offering children with PH a day filled with happiness and laughter where they can “just be kids” at no cost to them or their families.

Individuals living with PH need more than medical treatment; they need support in mastering and sustaining self-care behaviors necessary to enable them to lead a healthy life. With that in mind, we launched our new website at, dedicated to helping navigate, manage, and live well that’s filled with credible and comprehensive resources about the disease for patients and their caregivers.

Additionally, this December, Team PH is proud to bring back a day of research, PHenomenal Hope 2023: Knowledge, Research & Advocacy in Boston, featuring renowned experts and new investigators in the field.

I hope you share our sense of urgency and are inspired by our work. With your support, we can dramatically change lives. We pledge to steward every dollar meticulously and look forward to working with you to better serve those affected by this disease.

We are grateful to all who participate in Let Me Be Your Lungs, our collaborative team-building program that connects athletes and individuals (yes, you don’t have to be an endurance athlete to join our cause) with volunteer PH patients. Together, they are raising funds and promoting awareness of this critical illness while inspiring and encouraging one another.

I welcome the opportunity to answer any questions and hear your suggestions. We remain patient-focused and thank you for your continued generosity.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Leslie Orlovsky
Executive Director

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  1. We are beyond blessed and thankful to have you with us, Leslie! Keep up the great work for our patients and their families!

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