Team PHenomenal Hope 2017 Cue Sheet

June 14,2017

Introduction and Overview

In endurance racing, a cue sheet is a race course map, a turn-by-turn guide that helps athletes get from start to finish, navigating busy cities and wide open roads.

In a race that seems chaotic, racers and crew can always turn to the cue sheet and know that they are on course. In the past year our organization has grown and gone in exciting new directions, and as we have taken new paths, we want to catch up with our friends and supporters and share our excitement about what is happening around the country, around the world, and right here at home in Pittsburgh.

To this effort, we will invoke the concept of the cue sheet, and bring you with us, turn-by-turn, through the organization’s mission, our projects in Pittsburgh and around the world, and answer important questions about where we are and where we ourselves heading.

In this series, we will re-introduce you and introduce you to the people who are making Team PHenomenal Hope happen both at the forefront and behind the scenes. And as always, we invite questions and feedback from you, our teammates, friends and supporters – our crew members, if you will – to help make sure we stay true to our course.

As the organization has evolved, our mission statement and projects have evolved, and in the this next series of blog posts called the Team PHenomenal Hope 2017 Cue Sheet, we will explore these in more depth and invite you to join us in this race.

Team PH Mission

So to start off, we begin with our mission statement. In the past, Team PH was an organization that devoted our training and racing to those living with pulmonary hypertension, to raise awareness about the disease, and funds to find a cure. While this was a worthy mission and cause, in 2016 we went through a process to enhance and clarify this mission, to help focus our organization. While this is consistent with our prior goals, we expanded the language in it to help make our mission statement into the guidepost for our organization.

Mission Statement

Team PHenomenal Hope was created to bring together a worldwide team of individuals to build a community and improve the quality of life for those living with Pulmonary Hypertension. To succeed in our mission, Team PHenomenal Hope embodies the culture and spirit of endurance racing, and we work hard to unify patients, caregivers, athletes, and our donors.

Our Mission:

  • Provide a novel platform of endurance athlete & patient partnerships in order to amplify the stories of Pulmonary Hypertension;
  • Provide seed funding and support to grassroots chapters around the world who share our commitment to raising awareness of Pulmonary Hypertension and improving both patient care and quality of life; and
  • Develop sustainable funding programs that support medical research and innovative means of patient support.

The posts in this series will go into detail about our mission, with the following posts coming soon:

  1. Introduction and Mission of Team PHenomenal Hope (today).
  2. New frontiers: Team PH Global.
  3. Team PH at home: Growth of our team concept in Pittsburgh, and athletes around the country.
  4. Let Me Be Your Lungs: How we race with the PH community.
  5. Fundraising and Building Sustainable Funding Programs: Where does the money go?
  6. Who is Team PHenomenal Hope? Introduction to people working at the front of the pack and behind the scenes (team captains, our executive director, volunteers, and board of directors).

What questions do you have about Team PHenomenal Hope? What do you want to hear more about as we write our cue sheet? Please email me directly at

Thank you for your interest and support in our race to make a difference in the lives of PH patients.

Patricia George “PG”
Co-Founder and President
Team PHenomenal Hope

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