Thank you for joining us in the Race of Our Lives

March 16,2014

On April 12 – in less than one month, the PH community will be walking together on the day of the PHenomenal Mile to take a stand, make a statement, and raise awareness about PH nationwide. Two weeks ago our own PG had the opportunity to talk with the Southern California Support Group about Team PHenomenal Hope and the Race of Our Lives. Although it may have been drizzling outside in Long Beach that morning, there was warmth and sunshine inside that room, proof that PHA Support Groups are full of amazing people. And what was clear – and what we have known all along – is that she was talking to a room full of the most important people on our team – you!

We want to give thanks to those who have joined us in the Race of Our Lives campaign so far, and share with you memorable photos from this race we all share.

Thank you for joining us, supporting each other, supporting PHA and our team, and spreading the word.

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group signing in

Collage by Monica Sanchez

Collage by Monica Sanchez




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