You’re the Link in Our Chain: Letter from the Director

June 19,2019

Team PH is proud to announce the winner of our first $50,000 research award from the PHenomenal Impact Fund for Global PH Research, Vineet Agrawal, M.D., Ph. D. and mentor Anna Hemnes, M.D., of the Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute, Nashville, TN. Team PH has reached for the goal to be able to fund research since our inception. We are elated to watch these efforts contribute to the advancement of treatment and a cure for PH! This award is made possible by our donors. A special thank you to Julia Feitner and Kayla Frattini for laying the groundwork through the PHenomenal Hope 5K. You can read more about our research award and winner here.

Today, Thursday, June 20th will be the 2nd annual PHriends4Life Concert in the Park at Marine Stadium Park in Long Beach, Ca. Featured will be PH patient and singer Chloe Temtchine and the Elm Street Trio. Event organizer, Ornah Levy, a PH patient herself, works tirelessly to support the community and raise funds to support Team PH and our mission to end PH. You can still buy a fabulous zebra t-shirt and to make a donation to support Team PH at

We also are looking forward to other third party events to benefit Team PH. If you are interested in organizing a benefit, please reach out to our program manager Katie Werner at or myself, Linda Appleby, at

Things are heating up four our global teams as well. Team PH Germany is preparing for their tour through Netherlands and Belgium on July 5th-9th, starting at the university clinic in Aachen, Germany and ending at the PH center and clinic in Leuven, Belgium. At the end of July they will be back at it racing at the Nuernburgring with the CEO of Actelion Germany. You can follow their progress on Facebook.

Thus far in 2019, Team PH has aided 60 PH patients and granted out $30,000 dollars through the Unmet Needs Patient Impact Fund. These funds are helping patients get groceries, pay utility bills, repair their cars, and pay for transportation to and from their doctor appointments. Without the support of our generous donors, we would not be able to continue assisting patients. Pay it forward and make a donation to this important fund at

We are officially half way through 2019 and our racing season, and with that we would like to recognize and thank our corporate sponsors: Actelion, CVS, Gilead Sciences, Bayer, and United Therapeutics. Their contributions support the work we do at Team PH to serve and improve the lives of those with PH.

If you would like to make a donation to Team PH online, head to or mail a check to Team PHenomenal Hope, P.O. Box 1115, Beloit, WI. 53512.

*If you would like to learn about giving options such as stock transfers, IRA rollovers and other tax advantaged giving, please contact me directly at

Linda Appleby
Executive Director
Team PHenomenal Hope

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