2015 November News

November 24,2015

November is a month we devote to pulmonary hypertension awareness. It is also a month in which we express our gratitude to those who have joined us in this PH race. We thank all those who have raced with us: Our 2015 sponsors and supporters, the Pulmonary Hypertension Association and the PH community, our family and friends and PHriends. We thank you for joining us – whether through donation or through your prayers and good vibes. We thank you for helping us make an imPHact in 2015.

Together we logged over 6,500 miles raced by bike, foot, or swimming, to raise PH awareness. We reached 3 continents, and expanded into more sports truly putting PH on the map around the world. Team PH athletes finished over 30 races in 2015, and we celebrated our first 24-hour ultrarunner, 3 ironman triathletes, and a national 24-hour ultracycling champion. With you, our community grew, both in Pittsburgh with a huge presence at the Pittsburgh Marathon, to around the world with a growth in athlete-based fundraising. We donated $11,000 to PHA for research and patient services, getting close to the $100,000 milestone we hope to crush in 2016. It truly was a pleasure to race with you, to be inspired by you. We thank you for joining us on this adventure.

And the adventure continues in 2016

There is a LOT, we mean a LOT going on in Team PHenomenal Hope in 2016.

This next year we’ll be introducing new teammates, new races, and new ways you can get involved. We are so excited that we can’t wait to give you a sneak preview. So a glimpse of what’s ahead…

Our year will start out early with a big race, in January, in New Zealand.

We’re sending two 2-person teams to compete in The Pioneer, a premier 7-day stage race over the Southern Alps in New Zealand. Hap Farber and Patty George are teaming up as a mixed duo, and they are joined by women’s duo Kristen Engle and Thea Kent.

Together these two teams will race 546 km and over 49,000 feet of climbing in 7 days. More details on this race coming in just 2 weeks – stay tuned for our December newsletter.

You’ll also see Team PH athletes running in the Bertioga-Maresias, a 75km ultra running race, alongside our new partner, Team PHenomenal Hope Brasil!

And in addition to these 2 new countries, Team PH will be making an even greater impact here at home. This year we are teaming up with Julia Feitner to support the PHenomenal Hope 5K, the Pittsburgh area’s largest awareness and fundraising event for pulmonary hypertension. This race also comes at a perfect time for local runners to tune up for the Pittsburgh Marathon on May 1.

So look to Pittsburgh in the Spring and you will again see runners and volunteers racing to make a difference in the lives of those with PH.

More News Coming Soon

In upcoming newsletters you’ll also see Team PHenomenal Hope move in new directions, working with the community in new ways to synergize and raise awareness about PH and funds to make a difference. As we continue beyond pulmonary hypertension awareness month, you’ll be hearing more from patients in blog entries and also on the community microPHone as we take it out to, well, the community!

In December this will build as we expand on the idea of living your dream, the topic from Anne-Marie’s and Patty’s keynote address at PHPN. We will be sharing this story and call with the community in a December blog series, and hope you’ll follow with us.

Again, we thank you for joining us in this PH race, and we ask that you stay tuned for December when we announce our new teammates, sponsors, and The Pioneer New Zealand!

Call to action: We need YOU!

Before November is done, hear are two ways YOU CAN IMPACT TEAM PH!
1. We ask you to share this newsletter with your families and friends, ask them to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Tag your posts #imPHact. Help us rally with the community, because it only gets more exciting from here.

2. Call to Action: DECEMBER 1st is Giving Tuesday: And help us go that extra mile! On #GivingTuesday we will be a part of the Crowdrise Giving Tower, with a challenge to raise funds for research! Help us make an #imPHact by making a tax-exempt donation this holiday season and matching us dollar-per-mile to hit our goal of $6550!

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